Outdoor Rear Bumper Guard - Bumper Bully Extreme

    Bumper Bully - Black Edition
Black Edition Bumper Guard
Need a rear bumper guard protector but do not want all the attention? The black edition rear bumper protector is a quality rear bumper guard that is perfect for outdoor parking. Place it over your bumper after you park for the best rear bumper protection. Made from an all-weather, durable, soft, elastic rubber…unlike competing rear bumper guards made from PVC Plastic. Does not have Steel Reinforced Straps !

BLACK Edition features
(a) White logo and Matte Black - Patented Stabilizer Bars.
(b) Waterproof Trunk Straps (Not Steel Reinforced)
(c) Premium Quality Soft, Elastic Rubber Material
ORIG PRICE: $44.95
SALE PRICE: $39.95

    Bumper Bully - Gold Edition
Black Edition Bumper Guard
Premium quality rear bumper protection is finally here. Don’t settle for a PVC Plastic floor mat when it comes time to choosing a rear bumper guard. The Bumper Bully rear bumper guard is the #1 selling rear bumper protector. Made from a premium soft, elastic rubber material that’s thicker and lighter than competing rear bumper guards. Gold Edition features steel reinforced trunk straps for extra security, gold color bars and 3M reflectors.

Gold Edition features
(a) Gold Color - Patented Stabilizer Bars
(b) 3M Quality Reflectors
(c) Steel Reinforced - Trunk Security Straps
(d) Premium Quality Rubber Material “PVC Free”
ORIG PRICE: $49.95
SALE PRICE: $44.95

    Bumper Bully - Platinum Edition
Black Edition Bumper Guard
The Platinum Edition rear bumper guard is the ultimate rear bumper protection. It includes all the features of the Gold Edition + Impact Pads (thick soft foam rubber pads on the backside). When it comes time for choosing rear bumper protection don’t choose cheap PVC Plastic imitation bumper guards. The BumperBully is the only rear bumper guard made from a premium grade, soft, elastic rubber material, not PVC Plastic like many competing products.

Platinum Edition features
(a) Premium Platinum Color - Patented Stabilizer Bars
(b) 3M Premium Reflectors
(c) Steel Reinforced – Trunk Security Straps
(d) 10mm Thick Cushion Pads on Backside (Foam Rubber)
(e) Premium grade soft, elastic rubber material “PVC Free"
ORIG PRICE: $59.95
SALE PRICE: $54.95


Features -

Bumper Protection Rear Bumper Protector
Rear Bumper Guards Rear Bumper Protection



* Extra Wide Bumper Protection Area 46" x 12" *Patented Stabilizer Bar System
* 3M High Intensity Safety Reflectors * Quick to Attach and Remove
* Durable Weatherproof Design and Construction - PVC FREE * License Plate Cut Out Area Provided
* Improved Design for Better fit - Exoskeleton Technology * Steel Reinforced Straps (Platinum & Gold Edition)

Not all bumper guards are created equal.   Get a bumper protector that really works in the street. Bumper guards are a must have in the urban jungle of New York City.  The Bumper Bully is an all weather rear bumper protector made of industrial strength rubber. Vehicles that wear a Bumper Bully have a lower incidence of rear bumper damage than those without a Bumper Bully.   Tired of getting screw marks pimpled all over your bumper, then a Bumper Bully is a must have.   The Bumper Bully was developed by a parking expert, with years of experience in valet parking.   The Bumper Bully works by acting as a barrier, to absorb impact during parking maneuvers.   Parking with a Bumper Bully attached will give you peace of mind the next time you park.   Keep your rear bumpers looking new – get a Bumper Bully bumper protector.   While most bumper guards are big and bulky, the Bumper Bully manages to look sleek and it stores easily in the vehicles trunk.   Since the Bumper Bully folds flat in your trunk, it doesn’t take up valuable space.   So, the next time you park simply open your trunk and drop out the Bumper Bully – you’ll be glad you did.   The Bumper Bully was created to prevent the day-to-day damage of urban parking. Though both bumpers need bumper protection, experience has proved that the rear bumper is more susceptible to parking damage. A large percentage of license plates are secured by metal screws and bolts, which tend to protrude beyond the surface of the bumper. Very often these bolts remove the paint and dig into the rear bumper of your car, leaving noticeable and expensive damage. Urban parking is known for it’s treacherous conditions and tight spaces; the result is damage to your bumpers. Statistics show that over 85% of all damage to the bumpers of your vehicle occurs while parking or parked. Inevitably your car will get dinged, dented or scratched, unless you prevent it. The damage to your bumpers incurred while parked costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. The Bumper Bully is the rear bumper protector you need. Bumper Bully is designed to protect your bumper and act as a barrier to absorb any abuse your rear bumper may take instead of it damaging your car. The Bumper Bully provides the bumper protection you need. It measures 46” x 12” to protect the most susceptible portion of your rear bumper and is made from industrial strength impact resistant weatherproof rubber. Simply secure the trunk straps flip out the Bumper Bully and go!